Update: 17/3 9:30am

The test period is now finished. The initial local community trial period is complete. Documenting the system now, as a mitigation action - after brief testing in the community yesterday eve. The success of the system requires a local, regional or national custodian to be involved to hold the data of the community securely. The system is free of charge. The local custodian holds the data and will potentially need to address scalability charges which are not clear at present. There is currently no custodian in Ireland.

We will provide support to custodians as much as possible. Rgds Mike.

DelayIT App

The DelayIT app is a community based initiative from County Clare, Ireland to notify people of potential Covid-19 contacts. Its free of charge. We had a small window, over the last few days, to address the follow up and contact of potentially infected individuals and we put together a minimum viable solution – for communities. We are attempting to give people an option to follow a softer version of the Chinese model of suppressing the curve.

It has the option to be rolled out on a community basis until authorities catch up.

This App records visitors and customers to businesses and various premises. The App simply records phone numbers Timestamp and optionally GPS position and stores this information up to the Azure cloud (No other personal information is stored)

Should a case of Covid-19 be diagnosed in the area, a GP or member of the HSE can access the system by logging into the back-end and see where this person has been and who has been in the same space at the same time. Access to the back-end is restricted to authorized people only.

The HSE or GP can then contact these phone numbers individually or by group SMS to inform them. Contacts can be sorted by “most active shoppers” – red, orange, green. So the follow up can be done by order. Note, this is a community initiative. Shop Keepers are busy (at the moment), Health Care Workers & State Officials are busier while the public are either at work or at home.

All information provided will be confidential and will be destroyed at the end of the Pandemic.

The system can help in 3 fundamental ways;

1. Phone is operated by the retailer and asks for the phone number of the shopper on check out. Retailer downloads application first and does a simple registration. Phone numbers are supplied on a assumed consent basis. Community can decline to give number.(2 screens in system) (up & running)

2. Phone is operated self service style (with hand sanitizer and wipes provided) – on the way into a shop. This could be more the case for busy shops. Phone numbers are supplied on a assumed consent basis. Community can decline to give number. (available same as 1)

3. Community – check in on way into shop, on the public app on their own phone. They can also log people who they stop and talk to. (to be available 16/3)

Please note declining potentially puts the person more at risk that the other shoppers. We can potentially add mapping to the back end system – as we have this done already for something else.

Its up and running for who ever wants to use it. We checked in the local town – and the shop keepers we asked, were mostly on board. The Public were also on board. Larger shops are very busy and possibly need the Self Service or Self Check in option. We are going to attempt to roll this out now.

Regards Tim, Ian & Mike 15/03/2020

Get Started

DelayIT has seen a rapid development cycle (2 days) so it is not available in the Playstore yet. You can download it directly from this website (Instructions Below). There are plans to put it in the Playstore, there are also plans for an iPhone version (Not there yet)


Visit this page on your mobile Android phone.

Click the Link below to download the installation file (It is an APK file)

When downloaded, open it and start the installation

Trial period now closed. DelayIT Premises Edition

Trial period now closed. DelayIT Personal Edition

Using DelayIT

Simply Register, fill in all the fields.
Type in the vistors phone numbers and press the OK Button
If the Visitor decides not to leave their number, please press the ‘Customer Declined’ button.